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Vibrational Pulsing

Vibrational Pulsing is a "fully clothed" and gentle form of bodywork, during which the body and limbs are gently rocked by the practitioner in varying rhythms ("pulses").

The body naturally relaxes into the rocking movements, not unlike the experience of a gently rocking train or boat. Children engage in swinging and rocking games quite naturally during play. Parents gently rock their small children to soothe them or send them off to sleep. Rocking is the bodies own response as a coping mechanism after trauma.

Gentleness is the key. The body responds to gentleness, and resists force. Pulsing finds the resistance to movement and gently works at freeing it, unhooks the mind from its accustomed ways.
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Some of the Benefits of Pulsing

  • Relief of stress and relaxation of the body and nervous system due to the rhythmic movements.
  • Assists the body’s circulation of lymphatic and other fluids.
  • Mobilises joints and relaxes muscles.
  • Provides an experience of safe non invasive touch, helping the receiver to feel safe in their body, which promotes a healthier relationship with the body.
  • Safe for pregnant women, being beneficial for mother and baby
  • Pulsing can be used safely as a complement to medical treatment and other therapies.
  • Suitable for all ages and ranges of mobility.

A Pulsing treatment usually takes around and hour (or longer by arrangement), although shorter sessions can be useful.

“When you touch a body,
you touch the whole person,
the intellect, the spirit,
and the emotions".

- Jane Harrington.