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About Reiki Classes

One of the truly great benefits of learning the practice is that you are able to "treat yourself" with the self treament form of the practice, as well as being able to support someone else in their healing process, a friend, a loved one etc. An added bonus is that it offers an opportunity to share the experience with others who have also taken the practice.

The practice of the Usui System (Usui Shiki Ryoho) is simple to learn. Children are easily able to learn and do the practice. There are no feats of memory or concentration required to learn, no tests to pass, beyond being present in the class.

I teach my classes in what some call the traditional form, the oral tradition, creating a context for the practice of the student through the telling of a narrative, a simple but many levelled story. The essence of the learning experience is "being there", an in-person connection with the teacher, and a process which initiates a deeper experience and connection to the essential "self".

I have another website focused on the Reiki practice here.
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The First Degree Class

This is the "entry level" class, where you learn and enter into the practice. The class is in the form of four 3 hour sessions, over consecutive days. The class form is basic and simple. A child is able to take this class.

A class is not intended to make you into a public practitioner. By the end of the class however, you will have all that you need to do the practise, and to continue to learn what the practice has to teach you, all on your own. This foundation is the whole point of the class.

As in other aspects of everyday life, practice is essential to gain the rewards of the process. First degree is complete in itself; there is no need to take further levels although you may choose to do so. My class fee is $250.00.

The Second Degree Class

This class is for those who have taken a First Degree class and find, that after practising at the first degree level for some time, they are drawn to another level of the practice, and into a different aspect of their own personal healing process.

The class is in the form of three 3 hour sessions, over 3 days. Once again, practice is essential to gain the benefit of the process. The class fee is $600.00.

I felt like
I was
with some
ground state
of being,
...with my
essential self.

First Degree Class

The Third (Master) Degree

This is not a formal class. The teaching is an apprenticeship in company with an experienced master. It begins with the student mindfully living and practising the system, and takes as long as it takes.

Arranging Classes

If you would like more information on classes, have decided you would like to take a class with me, or would like to bring a class to where you live, please be in touch. Several options are given on the contact page.